Me and Scout

Me and Scout

20 January 2014

Why Not?

Yes, why not blog again.  It has been a whole semester, so there would be a lot to catch up on, but why not?  I’m trying to decide whether or not to give a blow by blow of all events since the last entry, but I think I will just give the highlights and then give a status report of where we are now.

One of the main reasons I have not been making entries is that I took a job that has been taking a lot of my time.  I am very excited about it, though.  It is a classical Christian school in the university model.  That means I teach two days a week and the parents or other teacher or tutor does the other days of the week.  It is a great group of people that I am working with and although the pay is little it is better than subbing and it is consistent.  There is also likely to be increased pay and responsibility as the school progresses.  This is the first year.  I teach 6th grade and have two boys.  I will probably teach 7th grade next year and go on up, learning the classical teaching methods as I go.  I will not bore you with the details of how classical teaching is different, but I will put up a link to our website.

It is interesting how God works.  I met this inclusion teacher named Tom Muirhead while subbing at Liberty Middle School.  After discovering that we were both Believers we began visiting more.  He later asked me if I would ever want to sub at this school that he was heading up in Beaumont.  After hearing about it, I knew instantly that I wanted to teach there.  Barring that, I told him I wanted to attend if I could.  It has been very challenging, but extremely rewarding.  I look forward to what the future holds there.

About that time our pastor resigned.  I was made chairman of the pastor search committee and Anna was on the committee as well.  A few months after that, Tom, the headmaster at VCA, felt like God was telling him to resign from the school.  In short, the man who brought me on to VCA was brought on by our committee to be our pastor.  Be nice to the people you meet.  They may be linked to you in ways you can’t imagine.

Okay, for the ranching part.  We have 14 calves in the pens that we are feeding.  These are not just heifers, but beef calves as well.  Our calf crop was highly skewed in favor of heifers this year so we only have 5 bull calves to sell.  We like building our herd, so this is good from a capital improvement standpoint, but not from a cash flow standpoint.  We will mitigate this by culling cows that have been unproductive and maybe a couple of the heifers that don’t look so good.  Since we have moved we have been steadily improving our record keeping.  We know of at least two cows that haven’t had a calf since we moved.  She is out as soon as we can get her up.  There is another cow that had a calf last year, but has been running off and taking other cows with her.  If one of the 2011 cows had her first calf in 2013, I will give them a break.  If the other cows have missed a year, they will be sold.  It is a slow process and a little painful, but worth it in the end.  A rancher should expect an 85% calf crop, but only if they cull diligently.

We finally had Silver hauled off to be broken.  I am hoping that funds and this horse will work out so that I can go to the Red River campaign in April.  This will be a once in a lifetime event.  Better than a week of tactical fighting in the field.  But, I need a good horse and money in the bank to offset any lost income.

The truck has been out of commission since August.  I expect that with the one calf that we own personally that is being sold, we will get it up and running again.

All in all, things are looking up.  It just requires patience, faith, and perseverance.  If you say that quickly enough it sounds easy.