Me and Scout

Me and Scout

25 May 2011

Vampires, Fungi, and Real Estate Closings

25 May 2011, 1044, Wednesday, Liberty Middle School
I won’t bore you by apologizing for the fact that it has been a month since my last entry.  Okay, now that we have that out of the way.
At my last entry, I was preparing to go to the movie set of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  As a reenactor, we get the opportunity to work on movies from time to time.  It is a good source of income if it is handled correctly.  It is also a great chance to make a little money doing what I love to do.  As it turns out, I did not get to do what I love to do for money.  We spent all of our time either on set waiting to be asked to go on camera, or hanging out with our horses in the woods.  We still got paid, but we didn’t do anything.  We were the vampires, I guess.  I don’t mind a whole lot.  I was not terribly excited about being in a vampire movie anyway, so it all works out.  We made some good contacts for future movies, though.  My only claim to fame is giving my seat up in the chow van to an actor named “Jimm” something.
Rebel has been sore in the back.  I got him up and running for the movie, but he is not doing well again.  We had the vet back out and we are treating him for a fungus on his back.  Hopefully, he will be back and ready to work come Saturday.  The Pflugerville cousins are coming out and we are hoping to tag some cows and calves.  It will be much easier to pen if we have more than one horse.
We are still chipping away at the Savanna.  The tallows are pretty big and there are a lot of them, so I am dodging a lot of trees that need to be cut.  We are either going to have to go in with a couple of chainsaws and start cutting, or knock ‘em down with a bulldozer.  It’s all a question of what we want to spend, time or money.
The real crisis now (as it is for much of Texas) is rain.  This is normally the wettest part of the country, but we have had scarcely a drop in several weeks and what we’ve had to date this year is way under norms.  Even our grass is starting to lose its green.  Tanks are low and we have had a calf and a horse die from getting stuck in the deep mud leading to water.  To solve for this problem, we ran some hose and a lot of PVC out from our spigot to a water tank just on the pasture side of the fence.  It has gotten some use, but I don’t think the whole herd is watering there yet.  They need to find it quickly and get used to using it.  We are also toying with the idea of attaching a windmill to the old well in the camphouse and running some water to the old field.
The biggest news right now is that we are going to close on the house tomorrow.  The buyer will sign on Friday.  We are very excited, thankful, relieved, etc.  God is faithful.  What we are learning is that He is always faithful.  He was just as faithful when we didn’t have a buyer as He is now.
I have steady work until the end of next week.  After that, I am still trying to figure that out, but I’m not worried.  I do expect to have more time for blog entries though.

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