Me and Scout

Me and Scout

05 October 2012

Almost Winter

So much for posting a lot during the summer.

A lot has happened since the last time.  Ol' Belle was bit by a government issue rattlesnake and died.  Not long after that, Grandmother's dog fell to the same fate.  She has since gotten another dog, a golden labrador.  Nice dog, but it is still learning how to stay at the house in the morning when I leave for work.

I'm still subbing, and liking it less and less.  I have a couple of ideas on how to make more money with the ranch next year, but it always takes time.  I have started working with Silver.  He's plenty gentle after feeding him and Mama Horse last winter, which is good.  I've never started a horse from scratch and I am taking my time and making it as trauma-less as possible.  He is really making it easy on me.  I put a blanket and surcingle on him every time I work him (try to do this daily, but don't always).  I pick up his feet a little bit, throw the saddle pad on several times, brush him sometimes, and then start longeing him.  I'm training him now to change directions by just switching hands with the lead rope.  He's picking it up pretty quickly.

I put the McClellan on him not long ago.  I didn't tie the stirrups down short enough and after a couple of steps at the trot those stirrups gigged him in the side and as gentle as he is, he can sure jump.  Other than that, he has never gotten out of sorts or fussed too much.  I look forward to when I can ride him.  I'll try to do better to keep everyone posted.

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