Me and Scout

Me and Scout

29 July 2013

Slow and Steady

It is hard to live without a routine that you are forced to stick with.  We have done okay, I reckon, but several things make a real routine tough.  First of all, no one is making us do it.  I will not get fired for not getting up and working on fence or the horse or what have you.  Second, it is stupid hot and humid a lot of the time.  This factor is not a show-stopper, but it can certainly slow you down or cause you to do something inside, especially if you don’t start early enough.  Finally, the slightest schedule change can throw a wrench in it.  Vacation Bible School in the evenings kind of messed us up (not that it wasn’t a really good thing to do).  I have also had to make a trip to Normangee to help out Dad and will probably go again tomorrow.  Not that I mind this, I’m proud to do it, I just need to get better about not letting things like this throw me off.  However, I think we are getting back into it, albeit slowly.

We had a successful Family reunion on the 6th of July.  That was a real motivator.  We did a lot of mowing and tidying up to that point.  The following week was VBS.  Last week we did some fence repair after some really good rains and winds, then we went to help Dad.  Since the last blog entry, we learned that Dad has lymphoma.  He is undergoing chemotherapy, but the prognosis is really good.  Still, this treatment does not leave room for outside work, so we are helping him out when he needs it.  I will probably bring back some equipment tomorrow so we can start cutting hay here.  We have a lot of it.  If we can get it cut and sold, we will be in good shape for next year.

I also have to confess the summer austerity budget is getting to me.  Not much else.  We are rocking along steady-like.

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