Me and Scout

Me and Scout

08 December 2010

08 December 2010, 0943, Wednesday, Army Reserve Center #3

I was kidding about the weekly blog, but it looks like it may be coming to pass.  I am spending my last day in the reserve center and in uniform.  I find myself quite unemotional about it.  I’m thinking about where to store my uniforms that will maintain them, but not get in the way.  Friday night was the Dining Out and it was pretty successful.  Mr. Vice (for information on that, you should google it) wore my Yankee Cav uniform.  I wore mess dress and Anna had on a beautiful red dress.  We looked nice, I might say.  The rest of the weekend was spent at Dickens on the Strand doing reenacting stuff.  Nothing really worth mentioning there other than meetings and planning about how to work Co. K back into the mix.  Until I get a large enough group we will just fall into Co. F out of Austin.
Monday, Dad and I penned the cows for the last time of the year.  We didn’t get them all, but we sold everything we were going to except for one open cow and a calf.  We can carry them without a problem.
It rained this morning so it may not be possible to move hay this weekend, but that’s the goal right now.  The priority is to move hay out of the hay fields and into the hay storage place, then to spread the dirt on the culvert bridge, then to mow.  The weather could play havoc with this, but there will be plenty else to do if the weather is bad.
Anna called this morning and said that the gray mare and colt were outside the home pasture.  I don’t know how they got out, so that will be investigated this afternoon.  I’m not too worried about the, but I don’t want to have to hunt the saddle horses.

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