Me and Scout

Me and Scout

13 December 2010

13 December 2010, 0612, Monday, Home Patch

Okay, it has been a few days, and I am more cognizant of that fact due to the happy development that people are actually reading my blog.  So, I tip my hat in gratitude to those folks who have said that they are enjoying reading it every day.  I offer my apologies for not posting every day which will make it abundantly more interesting.
Friday, was uneventful.  Really uneventful.  The sub job I am doing is good because I get to do a lot of reading while monitoring the class, but as much as I love to read, 8 hours straight of it can get old.  Friday night we went to Clear Lake for a Christmas part with the old singles group and that was fun.  Anna brought a cake for the gift exchange.  We got back pretty late.
We ended up sleeping in on Saturday.  Here is where blogging can help us to good works.  I am now committed to telling the story and when I have to say things like, “we slept in” I have to justify it, at least in my own head.  However, we were very tired.  It had been a rough week and we were trying to catch a bug.  So, we finally got up, got situated, found the tractor key over at Grandmother’s, then began.  Everything was difficult.  Neither of us were in the mood to tackle this job and we were both apprehensive about Anna taking the tractor through town when she had no experience on it.  I even had trouble hooking up the hay trailer to my truck.  It had been attached to Dad’s truck, which is much higher so the jack stand was set in such a way that I had to lower it onto blocks in the back of my truck, raise the stand, adjust it, then, put it back down, and finally hook it up to my truck.  Of course, I will have to do the same procedure in reverse so Dad can hook back up to it.  It is still attached this morning.
Getting through town was not as bad as we thought and Anna did well handling the tractor.  I managed to pull the long trailer into the hay field, and we got the five rolls on the tractor.  We decided that the tractor was so slow that it would be better to leave it there.  We can dump the rolls from the trailer without the tractor, bring it back at the end of the day, then stack the hay in the hay storage place.
Here is where we started to get nervous.  Strange smells began emanating from my truck.  The extra 5.5 tons of hay was too much for my truck and I was burning out the clutch.  We managed to get the one load dumped, but we called Dad to let him know and he waved us off.  Neither of us minded.  Later in the day, Anna hauled me to the hay field in the car and I brought back another two rolls on the tractor.  So, we now have 9 rolls of hay in the hay storage place.  There are 150 or so to be moved.  We will have to work something else out.  I can maybe haul 4 by pulling the flatbed with the tractor, but not only will I not be able to haul as much, I will have to unhook and rehook the trailer to put the hay on and off.  Plus, the tractor is just slow.  Probably what we will do is end up trading vehicles with Dad for a spell.  It just needs to happen before the roads and ground get too wet.
So, other than discovering a new reason that I need a new truck that I can’t afford, the weekend was a failure.  We did get a good amount of rest on Sunday, so I think the bug that attacked us was defeated.
I will keep you posted on what we come up with.  For the rest of the week, I will concentrate on tidying up the house, unloading reenacting stuff, cleaning my guns, etc.  I will try to get a ride in with Sarge.  That will be something.
Anna took some horse pictures on Sunday, here they are.

Thanks to everyone who is following the blog.  I am enjoying having an audience.

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