Me and Scout

Me and Scout

24 December 2010

24 December 2010, 1649, Friday, Home Patch

Tuesday, we took a trip out to Clear Lake to check on the house and stopped at Star Cinema Grill for a movie.  I miss that place, but other than that, the area doesn’t hold much charm for me anymore.  Wednesday, we put out some hay, and piddled around.  We had lunch at Grandmother’s with my Aunt, Uncle, and a couple of cousins.  That was nice.  They also came over to take a look at the house.  Oh yeah, we saw the crazy sorrel mare and the stallion I’ve been calling Brego in the pasture.  These are the horses that I thought may have gone into the deer lease.  So, they are in the right place and I can patch that hole.  Although it’s not super urgent because the horses are not going to leave the where the good feed is.
Thursday was a Santa and elf day.  We did some more grocery shopping.  On that, we have not been doing well about the groceries.  Whenever we get back from the store, we always think of something else that we need.  Back in Clear Lake that was not a problem, but here, it’s kind of an ordeal.  Even during the week, when I am doing a lot of subbing, I can stop off at the store, but during the break, it’s an extra trip.  Anyway, we went to the store, wrapped presents and that kind of thing.
This morning, we slept in a bit, but I got up and rode Sarge some.  I had put an even better set of reins on his bridle, but hadn’t put them in a knot yet.  I got him bridled, then led him out to the stall that the gray mare and colt are at.  I almost tied his reins in a knot on a little half post on that stall, but decided against it.  Instead, I knotted his reins in a loop to throw over his head like normal, then looped the reins on the post.  Good thing, too.  When I was coming out of the saddle house with the saddle, he got spooked at something.  I think it was the dogs, or maybe he didn’t know he was tied.  He pulled back and broke that little post.  Like I said, it was a good thing that I just looped his reins over that post, because if I hadn’t that post would have been chasing him across the pasture.  Not a pretty picture, I’ve seen it before.  To his credit, it did not take me long to catch him.  He really is pretty gentle, just young and green.  I led over to the saddle and finished saddling him while holding the reins myself.  No problem.  I led him around to the front yard and rode him in the horse pasture some, but the dogs tended to spook him a bit.  I took him out to the rode and there was something by one of the barns that he didn’t care for.  It took some convincing, but I got him past it.  He never tried to jump or buck, or even really shy away.  He just kept turning away from it.  I kept turning him back and we did fine.  We went to the double gates and turned around.  I trotted him most of the way back and did a couple of turns by the trailers parked in front of the horse barn.  He did good.  Like a reenacting friend of mine says, “It takes wet saddle blankets.”  Well, they’re not wet yet, but we’re getting there.
Came back and did some stuff in the office, ate lunch and then Anna and I put out some more hay, brought the tractor back and finished spreading the dirt on the culvert bridge.  My tractor started bucking with me while doing that.  I had a load of dirt and hit an uneven patch and the back left tire came up off the ground.  The engine stalled and everything just held motionless.  I got the engine started back up, dumped the dirt and she settled back down.  Can't be too careful.  One more lesson learned.  Then I stacked up all the hay in the hay storage place.
Tomorrow is Christmas, but it still feels like Thanksgiving.  I’m so happy to be here with a wonderful wife and doing the stuff that I love.  It’s not all perfect yet, but I was reminded by one of my faithful blog followers just how far we’ve come in the last 6 months.  Incredible!
So, Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope your celebrations of the birth of our Savior and King are as joyous as mine have been and will be.

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