Me and Scout

Me and Scout

18 February 2011

18 February 2011, 1043, Friday, GCEC, Liberty

Not much has happened agriculturally since yesterday.  I fussed and fussed with the darn master bedroom toilet, but only made it worse.  Now, we will just have to use the guest toilet until we can get a plumber to look at it.  I confess that I have no idea what is wrong with it.  It used to leak around the bolts, so I replaced those.  It was holding water, but when I flushed it, water would gush from between the tank and where the tank meets the seat.  I took it off for the 12th time and put the old seal back, thinking that maybe the new seal didn’t fit.  No luck.  I guess it just didn’t seat correctly.  In thinking about it, I might try again.  However, in all my messing with it the tank fell off the counter and it has a hairline crack.  There may be something that will seal it, so I’ll have to look on line.
Tomorrow will finally be a ranching day.  Those are fewer and further between and I grow frustrated at my inability to do the thing that I came here to do.  I will enjoy tomorrow as much as I can.
Today, I am still watching “The Patriot”, but I brought in some reenacting weapons to help them understand how the technology worked.  That’s an attention getter.  It’s also been interesting walking around in the discipline problem school with a rifle and pistol.

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