Me and Scout

Me and Scout

21 February 2011

21 February 2011, 1030, Monday, Liberty GCEC

Still no calves.  I haven’t spotted any buzzards or any sign that the cows are aborting, so it is probably just that they haven’t started having calves yet.  In fact, counting 283 days from when they were first exposed, they shouldn’t even start until tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I will go check again.
Saturday, we put out hay.  Only one more time before we get to start putting out from the Hay Storage Place.  Life will be considerably easier at that point.  I also took the John Deere down to the mechanic to get the flat fixed, but he couldn’t find the hole.  The cap had come off the valve stem, so it is possible that the flat came from that.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it.  We also managed to take a load of scrap tin to the recycling place in Liberty.  That earned us a bit of money and it helped tidy the place up a bit.  I loaded up the back of the truck with some more tin and scrap.  It is amazing how much you can pick up and it doesn’t necessarily look better.  Or rather, you have to remember what it looked like before you did anything.  I was so proud for picking up some old barrels and water tanks on the side of the road.  I pointed out to Anna where they had been, but she couldn’t remember what it looked like before.  Oh well.  I’ll have to take some pictures next time.

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