Me and Scout

Me and Scout

14 February 2011

14 February 2011, 1024, GCEC

You know what?  It's been too long to even try to explain my absence.  So I won't.  Suffice to say that I've been busy and distracted.
The weather has been cold up until yesterday.  I have gone to putting out 6 rolls of hay every 5 days, just to get them through the cold.  They will still have hay through most of April.  What I am really excited about is that I only have to go out to the New Hay Field twice more and then all the hay we have left will be at the Hay Storage Place in the Old Field.  This will make putting out hay much easier.  I have also decided that 6 rolls at a time is about right.  This will give every cow room at the buffet.
Dad was down Saturday and we looked around a lot.  The cows look good.  They are not fat, but they are not skinny either.  They look like cows in the winter.  I had finally started entering the cows into my management software and realized that we need to start having calves right now.  At least, according to the vet, they should be having cows in the next week or two.  Or maybe a week or two ago.  I took some pictures, which will I will enter into the computer as well.
We also spent a lot of time looking at equipment and trash and supplies stacked around the Cathedral Oaks.  There is a lot of scrap that still needs to be taken off.  Also, we need to start stacking stuff in the red barn.
Over all, things are pretty smooth.  I will enter another post soon.  Not like last time.

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