Me and Scout

Me and Scout

06 October 2010

06 October 2010, 1756, Wednesday, Clear Lake

Skipped church on Sunday, but didn’t feel like we did the wrong thing.  We were tired, but we did mow the horse patch.  I mowed some, then Anna.  She is really cute on the tractor and does a nice job.  I gathered up the trash from when I cleaned up the old collapsed barn section where I am going to put the tool shed.  I also gathered up all the old limbs and branches from the back yard and brought them to the burn pile.  I waited for the Septic guy to come all afternoon.  I should have called him, but didn’t.  He showed up around 1800 and we hashed out the plan.  Dad pulled up when we were talking to him.  If I had called and gotten a better time estimate than “after church”, then I could have gone over to mow a path between the hay fields like Dad asked.  However, I dawdled and it didn’t get done.  Dad mentioned that it wasn’t a big deal, but I should have made it happen.
On Monday, I was on the way to feed the horses, and meet Dad to mow the road, but got a sub call for West Hardin.  I had 7th and 8th grade English classes.  No problems.  Anna pulled out a lot of the old fence in the back yard; Grandmother helped her.  After work, I went to Kountze to pick up the CD for their sub training and registered to vote in Hardin County.  When I got back, I was about to burn, but Grandmother came over and said there was a ban in effect.  She also noticed a leak.
It turns out we had two leaks.  A small one at a t-junction.  I had to rip open the insulation to find it.  There is also a leak from the drain for the master shower.  That one was bad, but, of course does not affect our water bill.  We decided to go to get supplies to fix everything the next morning.  Dad came by that evening on his way in.  I thought he had left already, but he had had lots of trouble with the baler.  I should have checked on him when I got in.  More should’ve’s.  Anyway, he was leaving on Tuesday morning.
Tuesday morning, we rolled out around 0900 and saw Dad pulling out at the same time.  Our simple trip to get plumbing repair supplies took all morning, but we had fun.  We went to Potetz Lumber and got what we needed (I thought).  Then we found a great donut and taco shop.  We went to TSC and got some gloves and then to Wal-Mart.  When we got back, I realized that I had indeed gotten the wrong size pipes.  So, I will get the right stuff down here and replace it later.  It’s not a heavy leak, so if we don’t run the water recklessly, we’ll be fine.  I also tried to hook up the septic offshoot pipes, but still need some different stuff for that.  So, I have my work cut out for me next time we come.
Which, will be interesting, because we decided to go ahead and move on Saturday.  We put out an invite for help, but we will be okay without it.  I may have to do some plumbing when I get there.
God showed his provision today.  Last night, on the way home, we noticed a pile of something on the street.  I joked that maybe it was mobile home skirting.  So, on the way to the store today, I looked at it more closely.  It was a shed!  I knocked on the guy’s door and he was sure enough giving it away.  Some of the doors are busted so I will have to jury rig it, but it will be great for until I can build a proper wooden shed.  Thank you, God!

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