Me and Scout

Me and Scout

01 October 2010

01 October 2010, 2330, Friday, Home Patch

Good day subbing today for an ag class in Daisetta.  I actually could help out and offer information at times.  One class was getting a little bit of an attitude, but we worked through it.
I got frustrated and worried about money again today.  I hate getting like that because it insults God.
Not much else happening.  The cousins from Austin are here and we visited with them this evening.  I went to Clear Lake, loaded up some more stuff, and picked up Anna.  The stars were nice tonight.  Nothing like West Texas, but when there is no moon and the lights are out, you can really see a lot of stars.  We had a nice walk from our place to Grandmother’s where everyone is staying.  I don’t like the road noise from the highway, but everything else is pretty secluded.
Will do some more house work and some ranching tomorrow.

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