Me and Scout

Me and Scout

13 October 2010

13 October 2010, 1008, Wednesday, Hull-Daisetta HS, Daisetta

It never amazes me that no matter how much time you figure something will take, it always takes more than that.  Yesterday was one of those days where every job I tackled yielded two other tasks.  However, I did get the washer and dryer hooked up, and we got the shed mostly completed.  Anna's mother, Peggy came over and helped with unpacking a lot.  I did plumbing and appliances mostly.
At one point, I was crossing over to Grandmother's to borrow a screwdriver for the shed.  Belle and Tye became very interested in something, so I approached cautiously.  Sure enough, it was a rattlesnake.  It was copper colored, not like a timber rattler, at least 4 feet long, and as fat as my closed fist.  It was also eating a squirell.  It had managed to get the head down, but everything else was still sticking out.  Now, this is evolution at work.  Any snake that gets caught in the open with it's mouth full is not going to last long.  I ran back, got Anna and Peggy, then Grandmother, and we cut it's head and rattles off with a brush knife.  Took some video and pictures too.  We have lived in town for three days and killed two poisonous animals.  Anna found a black widow roaming around in the pasture on Sunday.  Welcome to the country!

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