Me and Scout

Me and Scout

12 October 2010

12 October 2010, 0937, Tuesday, Home Patch

Tim decided to stay another night, and he suggested that we actually go for a ride.  Boxes are piled everywhere, bookcases are in the middle of the living room floor, the pipes are leaking, and that’s the list that doesn’t include the ranch chores.  So, I thought it was a great idea and we went for a ride.  First we had to get fixin’ to ride.  Now, that means that we had to go find the horses.  I will talk about the fence issues later.  We had a nice ride.  We went through the Mineral Box Field and talked about how I want to use that as a trap for the wild horses.  We tried pushing through the woods between the Mineral Box Field 2 and Bobcat Woods, but didn’t have much luck.  We had to even dismount at one point.  In the Savanna, we came upon the horses.  Since we were just riding for fun, we decided just this once, to run the horses, Gus McCrae style.  When they turned slightly toward the house, we made a faint-hearted attempt to take them that way, but they turned on us.  The trap will be the way to go.
I know that anybody who reads this blog that is not related to me won’t know what a Mineral Box Field is, but I’ll go into that later.  I will explain what I mean by a trap.  All I’m talking about is a series of pastures, decreasing in size and leading up to a point where stock can be driven to the pens.  The Mineral Box Field has traditionally been part of our horse trap.
I am going to have to start riding Sarge pretty soon.  He followed us for awhile, but broke off to go to Grandmother’s to try and get some more food.  When we went through the Mineral Box Field, he must have lost us, but saw us again in the Savanna.  He ran up to us like he was a puppy dog and we had just gotten home.
Nothing interesting happened the rest of the day.  We took Tim home and got some more stuff out of the house.  Met with the realtor and talked prices.

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