Me and Scout

Me and Scout

27 January 2011

27 January 2011, 0819, GCEC Liberty

I know it has been awhile, but I'm back.  Frankly, our situation gets a little tricky at times and defeating discouragement is a constant battle.  It is true that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but it is spiritual and it is internal.  Anyway, it doesn't make for the best of blog entries, so I tend to bypass.  Now, don't think that if you dont' see a new post that we are down.  It's probably just a lack of discipline working as well.

It looks like the oil well is not going to be right in our front yard.  That is great news!  There will still be one somewhere, but the rep from the company seems very concerned with disrupting our lives as little as possible.  Praise God for that.  Also, it won't be happening until the fall.  There is a geologist running around doing a lot of tests.  Yesterday, he had some trouble in the thick stands of tallow trees in the deep woods next to the horse pasture.  He offered me daily what it would take me a week of subbing to earn just to drive around with him in the Gator and knock them down.  Wow!  That's almost a week's worth of subbing.  I though about calling in and canceling my sub jobs for the rest of the week, but I knew that wouldn't be right.  So, we decided that if Anna could run over trees, then she would.  By way of a test, we took him around in the Gator to see if it could handle the job, and sadly it could not.  What we finally decide was that he would do what he could on his own and if he still had work to do on Monday that I would escort him around with a chainsaw and help him out.  He should be calling me today.  That will be good money and good exercise if it works out.  I was about to offer him a horse and take him around mounted.  A horse can go just about anywhere.

After showing around the geologist.  Anna and I got back to what we were attempting to do.  That lovely job was to fix the septic tank.  I had made a gamble and was waiting until the excess water leached out and then all I would have to do is patch up the hole with some concrete.  I lost my gamble, becuase it rained all Sunday and most of Monday.  Swell, we had to pump it.  Most of our job consisted of sitting on the septic tank in a lawn chair dangling an electric pump into the inspection port.  I watched the sunset and Anna read a Thoene novel.  How redneck are we?

We finally got it well-drained and we mixed up some concrete, but the dirt hole on the outside of the septic system kept filling with water.  I ended up applying mixed concrete around the ingress hole as best as I could, but also just dumped a bunch of concrete into the hole.  The water should mix with the concrete and form a decent barrier.  If it's not perfect, then I will redo it in the summer when it is dry.

I have to say how faithful God is.  We are still struggling with knowing exactly what to do, but He has provided me with plenty of work this week and possibly some good money for next week.  Things are going well, but even when they seem to not be, God is still good.

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