Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

30 September 2010, 2331, Thursday, Home Patch

I’m trying out “Home Patch” for the name of our home site.  We settled behind the barn in the pasture traditionally known as the “Horse Patch” because that’s where our saddle horses would stay.  I’m not sure if I like “House Patch” or “Home Patch” better.
Spent the day at the Reserve Center doing Army stuff, but also some other business.  Got back to Clear Lake around 1630 and finished cleaning up the grout, packed the truck, had a brief supper with Anna, then headed off for Batson.  Dad was at Grandmother’s so we had a nice little visit and talked some business.  What kind of cows to get, how many, etc.  We pretty much decided that we should get them palpated before selling them off.  We need to know what the problem is so we can make sure that we don’t fall into any pitfalls.  For instance, if it is BVD, we might should sell off the whole herd.  If it is not, it would be good to keep several to maintain the herd consciousness.  It sounds silly, but cows will teach other cows where the fences are, the water, what to do in the pens.  Having some experienced cows would minimize the number of cows we will have to chase down in other people’s pastures, or worse yet, the road.
I turned down three substitute jobs today because I was either working for the Army or another school.  It looks like the substitute thing is picking up!
It took me longer than I thought to unload the truck, so it is kind of late and I have a sub job tomorrow.  I’m turnin’ in.

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