Me and Scout

Me and Scout

07 January 2011

06 January 2011, 1325, Thursday, GCEC

We put out hay last night and it was basic night ops.  We didn’t get started until around 4:30 and then we realized that we needed gas in the Gator.  So, we took a quick trip to town, got a snack and some gas and finally left on the tractor around 5:15.  We got back to the house around 7:45 after dropping all the vehicles off.  Driving in the dark on a tractor is harder than you might think.  There are lights, pretty good ones actually, and they work fine when you are not carrying a load, but if you have a roll of hay on the front, then all that light is reflected back into your eyes.  The only option is to lift the roll up high, but you have to go way slower so you don’t risk tumping over since the center of gravity is way off.  I messed with it awhile, but finally had to get Anna to lead the way on the Gator.  I could barely see her above the hay, but she did a good job of leading me through the tallow trees.
We put out two rolls of hay and Anna took pictures of the sunset.  It was really gorgeous and the pictures turned out well.  After we had put out a couple of rolls we took another two to the Old Hay Field and parked the tractor.  Dad is out there today and grabbing 5 rolls for Normangee, so we brought him some so to make it easier on him.

When we parked the tractor we shut down the Gator too.  Of course, we could hear the road noise from 770 and 105, but the view of the stars was amazing.  It was very clear and you could see a lot of them.  Those moments are what makes not having any money seem more worthwhile.

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