Me and Scout

Me and Scout

19 January 2011

19 January 2011, 0751, Wednesday, Home Patch

I have pretty much made my peace with the oil well.  The worst thing that can happen is that we put up with the increased traffic for a couple of months, they find oil or gas, and then put a pump in.  In that case, when we decide to build a house, we will just find a different spot.  Or, we can even move the mobile home.  That is what it is designed for.
So, there is nothing I can do about it.  The oil guy is coming out on Friday and if I am not working, I will meet with him.  If I am, then Dad will take care of it.  I am sure he will represent our interests well.
Yesterday, we took a trip to Clear Lake and closed our checking account.  We also made a brief stop at the house.  Everything looks good.  I am tired of making that drive, though.  Of course, it is more annoying when we are going down to check on a house that we don’t want.  It may be easier when we are just visiting friends.
I don’t know much else.  The sun is shining again and I will put hay out tomorrow.  I may start taking hay from the Hay Storage Place close to the house.  Bobcat Woods is getting pretty muddy and we are in the wettest part of the year.  That way the roads will last a little longer.
I don’t know much else.  I could regale all of you with what chores, errands, and tasks that I plan to do, but I always seem to do something like fix the toilet, so I guess that I will tell you what genius ranching thing I have done after I have done it.
All right, I have a job today, so I am off.

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