Me and Scout

Me and Scout

12 January 2011

12 January 2011, 0713, Wednesday, Home Patch

My two and a half week stint subbing at the alternative school in Liberty is over.  For awhile I thought it was going to work into a full time job, but the funding didn’t materialize.  It makes me debate finding a full time thing, but I’m going to ride out the substitute teaching a little longer and see if it can still work.  Of course, the house selling is the main issue.  We have had several showings in the last couple of days and one of them is actually a second showing.  That’s good news.  We hope to hear something soon.
The trick now is to develop and follow a schedule for ranching.  I managed to get up early this morning and get cleaned up, read my devotional, etc. and I am waiting for a sub call or to start working here.  I am so behind on financial statements and email, that that is what I will probably focus on.  As I write this, Sarge has wandered past my window, so I suppose that I will feed when I finish here.
We had a dismounted reenactment in Galveston this weekend.  It is an all powerful reminder of why I am in the cavalry.  I missed my horse.  The battle was pretty fun, if short.  Talking with my friends out there was the high point and I stayed up pretty late both nights.  Monday, we just relaxed.
Yesterday, we took a trip to Beaumont and got groceries and some items for the house.  I also put out hay and the road through Bobcat Woods is getting scary.  The tractor really goes up on an angle at a couple of spots.  Roots growing across the ruts are the main culprit, so next time I go out there on Friday, I will bring an axe and a shovel and try to level it out.
I created a spreadsheet that keeps track of how many rolls are in each field.  My goal has been to quickly transfer as many rolls of hay as possible to the hay storage area close to home.  This will make it easier to put hay out and also it will tear up the roads less.  We now have almost as much hay in the storage area as we do at the New Hay Field.  I just added another formula that predicts that by 17 February, the New Hay Field will be empty.  That’s not too bad.  Another twelve trips and we’ll have it.

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