Me and Scout

Me and Scout

21 January 2011

21 January 2011, Friday, 0751, Home Patch

Today is the day that we will learn what the oil company intends to do.  Dad will be meeting with them in a couple of hours, but I will be at work.  Yesterday, we looked around to see if we could find where the well had been in the past, but there is no telling.  That was at least 25 years ago.  We also put out hay.  It was interesting watching his technique.  You think you have it down to a science and them someone comes and shows you something.  For instance, I did not know that you could tip a roll over with the fork on the back of the tractor.  I didn’t think it would go high enough.  You see, all the rolls must be put out on their ends like a donut.  This enables us to pull the hay wrap off.  I was always dropping the hay, then coming around and spearing it, lifting it way high into the air and then dropping it off.  This is kind of fun, I admit, but all I have to do apparently is to poke it just a little bit, then back up.  I also saw Dad drop the hay from the spear in such a way that it will land on its side like a kolache, although this is a tricky maneuver and he met with slightly less success.  (excuse the food references it’s breakfast time)  This is an important move when you are dropping the hay from the New Hay Field to the Savanna over the fence.  You have to go back around and pick the rolls up, and if you can do that without having to tip them, then you have saved time.  I’m actually excited about the next time that I put out hay.
This will be four days from now.  We have decided to put out hay every four days instead of three.  This is back to the ratio of 1 roll per day.  Of course, I could go back to 2 every two days, but that may be harder on the roads, I’ll have to do the math later today.
I’m off to work.  I need to seek my certification, but I really resist the notion of becoming a professional teacher.  That is not why I moved out here, but I will let it rest in God’s hands and be obedient to whatever He wants.

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