Me and Scout

Me and Scout

07 January 2011

07 January 2011, 0805, Friday, GCEC

Today is my last day at my extended sub job at the alternative school in Liberty.  There is a chance they may extend, but it doesn’t look promising.  It is in God’s hands.  It’s hard to say that a lot of the times, but it’s true whether we acknowledge it or not.  It’s definitely easier if we do acknowledge the truth of it.  So, if I get some stability, then great!  If not, then I get to spend more time on the farm.  I can’t lose.
I rolled cartridges last night for a dismounted reenactment this weekend.  Anna even helped me package them.  I look forward to this weekend.  I will miss Anna a lot, but it will still be fun.
We burned some trash last night.  It was pretty redneck, but we actually enjoyed it very much.  It was comfortable in my shirtsleeves outside, so we got some chairs, the camera and our books and sat there and watched the burn barrel.  I got up several times to stir the trash to make sure everything got burned down.  Anna calls this playing in the fire, but it is clear to me that it needs to be done.  I’m sure that there is also a purpose for kicking water up on to the side of the barrel and watching it flash boil, I just haven’t figured out what that purpose is yet.

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