Me and Scout

Me and Scout

20 January 2011

20 January 2011, Thursday, 0818, Home Patch

No job today, so I will do work around the house and some administrative stuff.  I also need to put out hay, but haven’t decided whether to take it from the New Hay Field, way out there, or from the closer and easier Hay Storage Place.  I will probably try to get as much as I can from the New Hay Field before shutting that operation down.
Dad is coming in today and we will make a trip to the courthouse for legal records regarding the oil well.  Other than that, I am not sure what we will do.  I know Dad wants to load some hay to take back to Normangee.  I have a job tomorrow, so I will not be able to meet with the guy, but Dad will ask all the right questions.
Yesterday, after I got home, I tried to fix a problem with our septic system.  Apparently, the hookup guy did not think it necessary to concrete over the hole that takes the intake pipe.  There is a rubber diaphragm there, but it still will take on standing rainwater and make the tank level go high.  Did I mention that the hook up guy was one Jason Crow?  I guess that’s the price of doing it yourself, but when I think of what I might have paid a professional, I’m still glad I did it myself (with help from our ever present Belgian Cowboy).  Water is collecting in a ground hole outside the intake port, so I tried pumping that out with my shopvac, but it was taking too long to drain into that hole, so I am going to try to let the leach field take the water for the next couple of days, then I will pump out the rest with a gasoline-powered pump.  Tricky business, that.  As nasty as the water at the top of the septic tank is the stuff below the water is worse.  I would really like to avoid messing with that.  I will give it until Saturday and monitor it closely.

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