Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

03 August 2010, 2111, Tuesday

Okay, another big couple of days.  I did the paperwork on Thursday at Books a Million and then stopped at the Water Place to make the down payment.  Wow, everything is blurring together.  I’ll have to better on my dailies.  Friday and Saturday we were both here and we rented the ditch digger and that went pretty quickly.  We thought and pondered and messed around with the trees that need to be trimmed for the power lines.  That is one I haven’t figure out yet.  Some of the branches are pretty high.  Sunday we went to the early service and Rita and Phillip prayed with us.  Rita got an answer to her prayer later that day.  We are still waiting for some of ours.  The open house only had a couple of people come by.  It doesn’t matter.  It only takes one.  I got frustrated at the lawn mower.  Anna’s right.  I get discouraged very easily when things don’t go well.  I need to work on that.
Monday was supposed to be an admin day, but it turned out to be a sit on our butts and watch NCIS day.  I mean we were spent.  I ended up staying up until about one in the morning doing the things I should have done during the day, but I got all my emails answered and budget updated, etc.
This morning I got up early, cleaned up and left around 0630 for the Camp.  I dropped off the dogs and then went to Books a Million for my first day.  Only I wasn’t on the schedule until tomorrow.  Can’t explain that.  I am convinced that my boss said Tuesday from 9-1 and Thursday from 12-5.  Oh well.  At least the error wasn’t the other way-that is me not showing up on a day I was scheduled.  So, I spent the morning hitting the school districts.  I am encouraged about that gig.  I went to Kountze, then West Hardin, then Hull-Daisetta, then Hardin, and then to Liberty.  On the way I stopped at the Sam Houston Research library.  That would be a great place to work.  I’ll have to keep checking their openings.  I got a lead on the genealogical society for Hardin County.  I’ll have to store that one away for later.  After filling out all the applications, which by the way were almost identical, I got some gas (again), then stopped at M&M Rent-All to check on their man-basket for trimming the trees.  It was $400/day.  Out of the question.  The doctor bills from falling out of the tree will be cheaper.  However, Grandmother was talking to Andy and he suggested I call a guy in Liberty he knows that does tree-trimming.  It was always busy, so I’ll ask her to verify the number tomorrow and try again.
I got changed and put on a long sleeve work shirt, BDU top, sunglasses, and barb-wire gloves and poisoned and hacked the Poison Ivy on the infamous power line tree.  The branch is about 25 feet up and the whole thing is covered in the wicked plant.  Some of the leaves are the size of my hand.  I already am infected from the other day, but have a nice pill pack.  I need to get the doctor to let me just keep one in reserve.  Anyway, I climbed up pretty high, but came down because I knew that Anna would not approve.  Then, I went back to the house and applied the Tecnu.  So far, I think I’m clear.  I visited with Grandmother a bit, ate can of soup in there somewhere, and then started laying down the pipe and dressing up the ditch.  A lot of work there, but very satisfying.  Aunt Josey and Grandmother came to get me around five and I had a great pork chop supper.  Then, back out to the ditch.  Quit around 1930 and back around 2000.
Anna suggested that we don’t do the Septic until after the house sells.  She may have a point, but it’s disappointing.  For that matter we could wait on the power too.  Those are the two big expenses and we are running really short of funds, especially if we have to pay some more mortgage payments.  We’ll pray about it, but I think she may be right.

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