Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

26 August 2010, 0626, Thursday

Not much happened yesterday.  I was at the reserve center conducting command inventories so I can process out.  Made a lot of progress on property book items, but still have to do the OCIE, which is basically the helmets, web gear, canteens and other personal items issued to Soldiers.  Shouldn’t be too hard, just tedious.  I talked to Dad and we will be meeting out there on Monday to take some calves to the sale.  Unfortunately, my ranching hasn’t started yet, so I don’t know which calves belong to what cows.  Oh well, since we are only going to Raywood we might have time to match them up and record which cows are worth keeping.
The best news is that electricity will be scheduled sometime next week.  This means we could move soon.  It won’t be the weekend of the 4th because that will be too soon, and it won’t be the weekend after that because I have drill.  Maybe the next weekend.  I might move in before that in order to be available for subbing.  We’ll see.  Very exciting!

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