Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

04 August 2010, 2148, Wednesday

Fed the horses this morning around 0645.  It was nice just walking in the morning.  I got a picture of what the road might look like.  If we took the fence down from the West side of the camp road up to our drive, it would really make a nice vanity drive.  Of course, moving equipment, mowing, and cutting up all the dead trees would also be necessary.
Work was good.  I am torn on what to do, though.  Anna wants me to quit, but I hate to give up any job, even if it is too far away and doesn’t pay.  More prayer on that one.  Michael (Manager) couldn’t get the Computer Based Training to work so I started off by restacking bins of books on a pallet.  After that, I was told to wander around the store looking around.  No problem there at all.  The rest of the day I did the CBTs.  Selling the Books A Million membership card may be a problem.
That afternoon, I ate soup out of the can and visited with Andy and Grandmother.  They had arranged a tree guy to come by at 1800.  Also, the water people were there but left because they were going to have to encase the water that was going through Grandmother’s septic system.  So, I stopped at the tree that has caused us so much consternation and decided that Uncle David was right and that I should at least look at using the pole saw and the bucket.  So, I got the tractor and Grandmother’s saw and started cutting.  I did a lower limb first and it worked pretty well.  Then, the big one.  Well, that’s the afternoon.  Cutting and cutting and cutting.  It was just high enough that I had to reach up slightly most of the time so to rest, I put the end of the pole on my head and let my arms hang.  It was slow going, but I could see that it was cutting.  I asked Grandmother to cancel the tree guy and kept cutting.  Then I asked her to get the cable with the weight on it.  After about half a dozen attempts, I got the weight thrown over the limb.  We tied a rope on it and then around the bucket.  No luck.  Kept cutting.  Around 1900.  Grandmother said she would go get dinner ready.  I gave up shortly after that, but figured I would tighten the rope and pull on it again.  The bucket came down as much as it could so I started to back up.  The front wheels came off the ground, but the rope held.  I tried again and she cracked and came all the way down.  Done!  I let out a holler and a prayer of thanks, then collected tools and went to dinner.
After visiting with Grandmother some, I went outside to check on the dogs.  Belle is limping so bad she won’t even put her foot down.  Lord, that dog needs help.  It looks swollen, so I am about to go check on it again.

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