Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

20 August 2010, 0808, Friday

My daily blog is occurring weekly and with no good excuse.  We got the water hooked up and it holds nicely.  I need to do the support for the pipe that goes from the home to the ground.  We also covered up the ditch.  The pipe is a little shallow in places, but I think it will be fine.  It never gets too terribly cold and we will run water through the pipes if it does.  After careful consideration we finally decided to use the chainsaw on the big dead tree.  It took some doing, but it came down.  That’s one more hard task out of the way.
This week was spent in Clear Lake.  I had some catch up to do here, but didn’t do a good job with it.  I was also waiting on Entergy to come up with the easement which we will use to get going on the power.  It is now ready.  I will pick it up today and take a load from storage.  When I come back, I’ll bring the stock trailer and we will see if my ol’ truck can haul a full load back to Batson tomorrow.

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