Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

06 July 2010, 0924, Tuesday

Okay, I missed a couple of days.  We had been talking about making a run to the Camp (the old school word for the ranch) and after calling our dirt guy and finding out that he could do it that day, we threw a bunch of stuff in the truck and headed out.  We met him there around noon and they started with the road.  We staked out the place with a rope, and a couple of loads were brought in, but the rain kept us from finishing.  It has still been wet, so I will give him a call today to see how he is coming.
Friday, we were bushed and we didn’t end up doing much.  Saturday was the Fourth of July Reunion and we had a good time with a lot of trips out to “the house” which is basically a rope on the ground.  “Don’t despise small beginnings”, rigtht?  Our friends Scott and Chaundra were there and so was my friend Tim.
Sunday was another day of rest, so Monday we hit it hard.  We put a bunch of stuff in storage.  I think we are done there, it is pretty full.  We also cleaned up the Library, painted the trim on the house where the old basketball goal was, I called Entergy, things like that.  I decided to go with our dirt guy for the septic system.  It is a traditional system as opposed to aerobic, but it is also about 3 grand instead of 7.  No-brainer, there.  I was also skeptical about the practicality of the sprinkler system in the middle of a horse pasture.
Annual Training looms overhead like a big cloud.  I would love to have all of this done before I leave, but it doesn’t look like that can happen.  I am toying with the idea of having the home moved and then all the hookups done after I get back.

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