Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

30 June 2010 0737

Frustrating day yesterday.  I went into Lowe’s and ended up buying the wrong rollers for the sliding glass door.  I had already taken the storm door off and the faulty door as well, so I was pleased with my progress thus far.  When I got home, that’s when it started to go south.  We got the rollers in, but they were the wrong ones, so it was a lot of work to get them in and out.  We ended up applying lots of WD-40 to the old ones and adjusted them to work.  The door still makes some noise, but rolls well.  I guess the frustrating thing was that it took all day for that one thing.  It would be really enjoyable to come across a job on the list that does not take all day.  To make matters more frustrating, I also took some time out to order insurance thru Tri-Care.  Of course, I hadn’t entered Anna in the DOD records, so I was only able to get it for me.  It works out to be about $30 a month difference.  We will get her on the list next month.  $30 could prove to be a lot of money.
We had agreed to watch Trace and Connor (these are Anna’s friend’s Teri’s kids) in the evening for an hour or so.  When it came time to get them, I was still screwing the storm door back on, but jumped in the car with her at the last minute.  Neither of us wanted to go, but God was faithful.  I’ll explain that, because it’s one of those trite religious sayings I dislike.
I was upset at God.  Upset that every little job we had undertaken had been a major ordeal and upset about the possibility of possibly losing the ranch in the long run.  I confessed this, but it didn’t change my feelings.  Anna and I talked on the way over and sat in the parking lot of the day care and that helped a bit.  We decided that we didn’t want the kids running around the house with all of the tools still out, etc.  So we went to McDonald’s.  Neither of us wanted to mess with the kids that night, but watching them play and eating some French fries made a world of difference.  God gave us a break even though we (especially me) had bad attitudes.  That’s what I mean when I say “God is faithful”.  I guess I could say, He’s loyal as well.
It was cool from cloud cover most of the day, which was nice.  No rain, though.  Grandmother called in the evening with a number for Travis Crisman for the dirt needed for the mobile home pad.  I used to teach Sunday School to his daughter so that will be a good contact.

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