Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

29 September 2010, 0540, Wednesday, USAR Center #3

I have been very remiss in my journaling, but allow me the time to go over some of the major events of the last three weeks.  We were supposed to get our AC and AC hookup done on Monday the 13th, but as we were on our way out there with preparations to spend our first night in the mobile home (including the cat), we got a call from our hookup guy saying that he was unable to be there and that he had not gotten in touch with the AC guy to be out there.  I had had enough of the delays, impunctuality, and unpreparedness, so I let him know my displeasure.  He agreed to come out that afternoon to finish what he had said and that we would not have to deal with him again.  I agreed to that.  It was not a pleasant afternoon with him and I felt bad, but apparently, after a call to the seller, I learned that this guy has a reputation for this kind of customer service.  Hopefully, he can learn from this and improve his business.
On the 14th, in the afternoon, the AC people came out and did an excellent job of getting the AC hooked up and we finally spent our first night in our new home.  It was great.  We had trouble sleeping because it was so cold!  That night I looked out the window and the almost full moon had illuminated a mist on the ground to the Southeast of our home.  It was beautiful.  A great way to start our living in the home God blessed us with.
We have made another trip out there since then and Anna’s parents came to visit on Sunday, the 19th.  We had a nice visit, showed them around and went to JAX that afternoon for lunch.  We went to church with Grandmother that morning at Batson Prairie, but the pastor was on vacation.  We will probably go back there this Sunday.
I subbed for the first time at Liberty High School on Wednesday, the 22nd.  Easy day, I hope they are all that easy.  I subbed for a coach who taught Economics to seniors, had a basketball class, and a cross country class.  For the athletics, I just basically observed, and for the economics, there was a worksheet that took about 10 minutes to do, so I when the class was finished, we went over it.  Fortunately, I could talk intelligently about economics so I felt that I did contribute.  We also talked about plans for when they got out of High School.
On the 23rd, I met my first sergeant at the reserve center at about 2200 and we drove in his rental to San Antonio for the Commander’s Conference of the 4th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (a Brigadier General Command).  It was a good conference, but I had a hard time staying interested since I will be out soon.  I did make several notes about what needed to be done for the house and the ranch and drew up some sketches of the porch and shed that I need to build.  That Saturday night, there was a dining out, which was fun.
Monday, we were exhausted and spent much of the day sleeping.  Yesterday, Anna packed a lot of dishes and I caught up on clothes and ironing.  I reorganized my drawers to make room in the armoire which will be used as a coat closet and I got rid of some clothes that I don’t wear anymore.
Today and tomorrow I am at the reserve center, but I hope to get home early enough to work on more packing stuff.  Friday, I have a sub gig for an ag class in Daisetta and this weekend, Nathan’s crowd and Shannon and Dalton will be at the ranch.  I will work on fixing up and protecting the AC crossover which the dogs got into and tore some insulation up.  I’ll probably put some fencing around it, but leave the rest of the mobile home free until we get the septic hookup done.

We decided to go ahead and use some available funds for the septic tank.  With that, we will go ahead and move!  We still need to find Anna a job in Liberty or somewhere, but it will be a lot easier to not have to protect the house in Clear Lake from the dogs.
I will be better about journaling in the future.  You may hear from me tonight.


  1. So can you can consider yourself a country boy if you still live in the 4th largest city in the United States?

  2. Get back with in a couple of weeks.

  3. Get back with. You have been livin in the city too long.