Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

13 August 2010, 0921, Friday

Once again, a long time.  Frankly, whenever Anna is not working I don’t do writing or administration stuff.  I will have to get around that somehow.  Discipline is the key, but I also don’t want to neglect the most important thing.
We did shoot personal pistols on Saturday.  I did not shoot mine as they are all packed or at Grandmother’s.  Sunday, I stayed at the unit and did admin stuff and went to the IPR for the FTX.  The Battalion Commander was displeased with how that was going.
The most important thing that I did was to quit the bookstore job.  They had me going in 5 days this week.  I started crunching numbers and I realized that I was spending 2 hours of pay just to get there and back.  It was not worth it.  Plus, I feel like the sub jobs are going to work out well.  It was really a relief.
I don’t even remember what we did on Monday.  I know we slept in and went to storage and got some stuff.  Tuesday morning, we got up early and I dropped Anna and the dogs off and I went to substitute training at Liberty ISD.  Melissa met Anna there and when I got back we took a long lunch, then worked on finishing the ditches.  It was very hot so we knocked off kind of early.  Melissa went on home after supper.  While I was in Liberty, I think I solved the internet problem.  It looks like a hot spot is the way to go.  We can get a good one and a cheap one so we can both have internet and the price is about $60 a month.  Not bad and cheaper than Hughesnet.  We will probably get it today on the way out there.
Wednesday I left Anna with the ditches and went off to substitute training at Hardin ISD.  It was a lot shorter so I stopped at Hull-Daisetta and finished paperwork there.  That afternoon, it was a little shadier so we started gluing pipes together.  Anna is amazing.  She dug and worked all morning.  What a trooper!  It took some cutting and fitting, but we got the pipes put together and hooked to the city water.  We went back to the house and played a couple of rounds of cards and ate to let the stuff dry.  We went back, but when we turned on the pipes, we realized that the two halves of the mobile home were not hooked together.  It will be easy enough to do, but we didn’t have the right pieces.  In any event, our pipes are not leaking.  A major milestone was hit.  By the time we got home it was pretty late.  We spent some time discussing what name we should give the place.  We didn’t come up with anything that we both liked, but we will.  I just don’t want to call it “the trailer”.
Thursday, we goofed around again, but also went to Lowe’s for the couplings for the plumbing.  We also looked at porch stuff, rain gutters, and Anna got some paint samples that she is excited about.  We played more cards that night.
This morning, we mowed and trimmed.  I have got to catch up on admin stuff and then we will strike out for “the …..”  I still don’t know what to call it.

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