Me and Scout

Me and Scout

30 September 2010

24 August 2010, 2022, Tuesday

We took most of the furniture out of storage on Saturday.  The ol’ truck could barely do it and we only had half of the trailer filled.  We had to run the heater some and never could run the AC.  That’s a little discouraging.  On top of everything, we need a new truck.  It’s okay.  I have to believe that God will provide.  I also have to be faithful to do my end.  My cousin Blake and his wife Brandi were there and they helped us unload, which was nice.  Anna painted and I checked on the cows.  They were making a lot of racket, but I think they just got on both sides of the fence and couldn’t figure out how to get back together.  It was nice to see the cows.  Reminds me what I am doing.  And that is to manage the ranch such that we can get better than a 10% calf crop.  Tagging the cows and calves is the only way.  We will have to use the old tags, but we will make it work.  If we keep eyes on them, then we can replace the tags accurately when they lose one.
When I got back to the trailer I finally decided to cut that tallow tree down that had a branch hanging over the road.  I was already soaking wet, so I didn’t want to change out of my uniform for the day which was shorts and a t-shirt.  Nevertheless, I cut the thing down.  While working on it, I realized that I had been sawing through a poison ivy vine.  Yep, I am covered on both arms and a little on my legs and some on my nose.  However, with prayer, a lot of vitamin C and a good tecnu srubbing shortly after exposure, I have been able to keep the seriousness of it down.
Sunday, was a lazy day and Monday was too somewhat.  We mowed and managed to get all of our stuff from storage to the garage.  Today, I went to the Reserve Center.  I got up early, but didn’t leave early as I had wasted too much time there.  Not tomorrow.

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